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Sarah Baker is a professor of cultural sociology at Griffith University. Her work explores the connections between heritage and well-being, the sustainability of the community heritage sector, and the connections between heritage and the pursuit of cultural justice for local communities. Sarah's books include Community Custodians of Popular Music's Past: A DIY Approach to Heritage and Curating Pop: Exhibiting Popular Music in the Museum. She has also produced a number of edited collections, including Preserving Popular Music's Past: Do-it-yourself, Do-it-togetherThe Routledge Companion to Popular Music History and Heritage and Remembering Popular Music's Past: Memory-Heritage-History.

Twitter: @__sarahbaker__


Zelmarie Cantillon is a Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow in the Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University. Her research focuses on the intersections of heritage, space/place, tourism and cultural policy. Zel is interested in understanding how heritage initiatives can have meaningful impacts on people's lives in the present. She has co-edited two books on popular music heritage: The Routledge Companion to Popular Music History and Heritage and Remembering Popular Music's Past: Memory-Heritage-History. She is also author of Resort Spatiality: Reimagining Sites of Mass Tourism.

Twitter: @zelzelzel


Raphaël Nowak is a cultural sociologist conducting research on music, technologies, genres, and heritage. He is the author of Consuming Music in the Digital Age, co-editor with Andrew Whelan of Networked Music Cultures, and co-author with Sarah Baker and Lauren Istvandity of Curating Pop. He has worked extensively on curatorial approaches to popular music preservation, halls of fame and criteria of induction and cultural consecration, popular music heritage and urban rejuvenation, the future of popular music heritage in the age of music platforms, and popular music heritage and cultural justice in deindustrialising cities. 

Twitter: @raphahead


Bob Buttigieg is a Resident Adjunct Research Fellow in the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research, Griffith University. His research focuses on queer youth, space/place, friendship and survival. Bob is keenly interested in processes of dehumanisation and how these can be countered.

Twitter: @sociolobob


Lauren Istvandity is a Lecturer in the School of Creative Industries at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Her research centres on the intersections of music, heritage, and memory studies. Lauren is a past recipient of the John Oxley Library Fellowship, State Library of Queensland (2017), and has held Research Fellow positions at Queensland Conservatorium and Griffith University. She is the author of The Lifetime Soundtrack: Music and Autobiographical Memory and co-author of Curating Pop: Popular Music in the Museum with Sarah Baker and Raphael Nowak. 

Twitter: @LGIstvandity


Lauren Chalk is a PhD candidate at Griffith University. Her research explores cultural heritage stakeholders and practices related to the Afro-Caribbean popular music genre, reggaeton. Her interests include unpacking the role that museums, archives and galleries play in the delivery of cultural and social justice outcomes.


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